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Time and time again we hear from new puppy owners that their furry friends can’t control their chewing habits. There are many toys, tricks and training courses you can implement to get your puppy on the right track, right now. Exercise: Dogs need to be exercised both physically and mentally on a regular basis to...


You most likely already have insurance for cars, your home and even your life but did you know there is also pet insurance? Don’t worry, most people don’t. The Pets a Go Go® team is here to provide you with what you need to know about pet insurance and choosing the right provider. What is...


Is peanut butter a safe treat for your pup? Many have asked The Paw Squad® this question before and while there is no one size fits all answer, the short answer is yes. What we do know is that this sweet treat is packed with protein and with a little caution, you should be able to integrate this treat into your pups’ diet safely. Check out some of our tips on incorporating this treat into your pups’ diet below


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we often consider our loved ones and how much they mean to us, including the love we have for our furry friends. Most pet owners consider their dog an equal part of the family. The special bond and love they share with us is unconditional and they show it from their nose to their tail in more ways than one.


This time of year, it can be hard to come up with gift ideas for loved ones. A common Christmas wish of many is to bring home a puppy. Dogs can make fantastic gifts but there are important factors to consider before making the commitment. One of the first things to consider is the effect it would have on your family’s lifestyle.


There are many reasons not to give our furry friends table food. But perhaps the most important reason is that many tasty treats that we enjoy are extremely toxic to our pets. Chocolate and grapes are well known dangers, but did you know that avocados can be very poisonous to your furbaby?

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