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Facility Services


Policies and Procedures

Coming Aboard

Pets a Go Go® provides the option to have your pup come play or stay at either of our facilities located in Briarcliff Manor, NY and Stamford, CT. In order to qualify for these options, all pets must be current on vaccinations and owners (or their veterinarians) must provide proof of vaccination (or titer results) either in person or by fax (866-941-5955) prior to arrival for their temperament test. All pets must also be free of worms and parasites as evidenced by a negative fecal exam within the last six to twelve months (veterinarian stated expiration or six months if expiration is not stated).  Pets a Go Go® also requires clients to be routinely treated for fleas and ticks (i.e., Vectra, Seresto or similar). Pets a Go Go® utilizes a proprietary reminder system that warns if your vaccines/titers or fecal is coming due and continues to (annoyingly!) remind you at pre-set intervals until the gap is resolved. Since you will be given a minimum of 31 days notice of these expirations, Pets a Go Go® cannot be responsible for a departure delay or otherwise interrupting your plans for your furbaby if these items remain unresolved before arrival.  In an emergency, Pets a Go Go® may ask for a hold harmless and arrange for the missing items (excluding rabies) through the veterinarian they keep on retainer.  Client will be responsible for the cost of these services plus a 10% surcharge along with transportation fees to resolve outstanding items in your absence.  Pets a Go Go® reserves the right to refuse any furbaby who is showing evidence of a contagious disease (cough, nasal or eye discharge) at drop off.  Pets a Go Go® also reserves the right to arrange for an alternate boarding arrangement in a traditional or veterinarian environment should behavioral or health issues be discovered after dropoff.  All fees for these alternative arrangements will be at the owner’s expense directly with that facility.

Pet parents should provide a sufficient amount of the pet’s regular food and treats to last for the duration of their stay plus a little extra just in case. We advise this in order to prevent stomach problems due to a change in their diet. Should insufficient food be given, we reserve the right to purchase the smallest quantity of the same food available locally (unless instructed otherwise) and charge the client the cost of the food plus 10%. Pets a Go Go® requires an individual bag per meal, per furbaby for the duration of the stay. We do offer a premium bagging service for those who do not wish to pre-package their food at a fee of $20 (regardless of the length of stay). We also provide three types of dry and wet emergency food should you wish to take advantage of this convenience.

Furbabies staying at any Pets a Go Go® should be reliably dog friendly, must not be resource aggressive and be able to interact with other pets and humans without issue. Dog selective furbabies or those falling outside our neutering requirements and/or have resource guarding issues may be accommodated in our luxury suites in our Stamford location.  Pets a Go Go® may also have access to employee private homes for those who cannot be around all other dogs or specific gendered humans.

Fees for boarding are based on a 24 hour day. Additional hours are available for a partial day charge. Pick-up and drop-off taxi services are available to all but REQUIRED for private home fostering arrangements unless pick up and drop off can be made at a specific time during business hours at one of our facility locations. For facility based clients, we allow open dropoff between 7am and 7pm every day and pickup between 7am and 10pm everyday. Taxi services outside of Westchester and Fairfield Counties (including the five boroughs, New Jersey and Long Island) may be arranged but are on a quoted flat fee basis including tolls on an agreed-upon two hour window.

Deposits and Cancellations

Pets a Go Go® requires a minimum of two (2) hours notice prior to the start of the agreed-upon window for cancellations of field (pet taxi, dog walking, pet sitting or hiking) services. Pets a Go Go® reserves the right to charge in full for services booked should we arrive at your home and either your dog is not in residence, refuses to leave the premises, or we cannot gain access to your home through no error of our own. Doggie Daycare is reservation-free 365 days a year in Briarcliff Manor as well as weekdays in Stamford.  Weekend Doggie Daycare is by appointment only in Stamford (48 hours notice respectfully requested).  Private home fostering services require a non-refundable 50 percent deposit. Full payment will be processed at the end of each service week for longer term stays. Any declined credit card balances must be paid prior to booking additional services. Returning early from a trip will result in the payment of any outstanding night’s services unless a replacement booking can be found.

We do recognize emergencies occur; however, repetitive last minute cancellations will be treated with the above policy.

PLEASE REMEMBER — Our goal at Pets a Go Go® is to take care of your beloved pets as if they were our own. The biggest requirement of our staff is to have a caring nature and a passionate love of all animals. We carefully select, background check, and drug test our staff to ensure the safety of your home and belongings; we also train them thoroughly and monitor their activities to ensure they stay focused and act responsibly. Many of our policies have come about as a result of those clients (generally former clients now) who do not value our time or services to the extent the majority do. We hope you understand that as a small business, we cannot continue to absorb these losses and continue to function at the level to which you have become accustomed.


Pets a Go Go® strives to make the process of owning a furbaby as easy and stress-free as possible for all of its human clients. To this point, we require that all reservations, modifications to existing reservations, or cancellations go through the office by emailing thepawsquad@petsagogo.com.  Office staff monitor email and voicemail for urgent communication 7am until 10 pm, 365 days a year.  Alternatively, you may call our office at +(914) 458-4181 or +1 (203) 548-7978 and leave a message if necessary.  We maintain a toll-free number for use within the US (+1 (888) 4PETGOGO (473-8464)*. Existing clients may also utilize our owner’s personal cell phone (+1 (914) 406-0891) but ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY outside of 8 am until 6 pm, 365 days per year. Should you request an email or text update on ‘how things are going’ or “what time a walker/sitter came’, the office will contact you when we open for business the next day. Please do not ask the staff to directly communicate to you while you travel or are at work, it is against company policy and may cost them their jobs.

*International dialing fees apply when using this number outside the US

Bookings or modifications/cancellations that occur outside of normal business hours or during a travel delay will be confirmed back as soon as we can reach the assigned staff. Should your booking or modification/cancellation be with regard to the next business day(s), we will confirm back no later than 2 hours after the next business day begins (9 am Monday through Friday). For efficiency reasons, we utilize electronic communication methods wherever possible.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide full-time, dedicated, trained, background checked, drug tested, and professional pet care staff, 365 days per year. To achieve this, we charge a $10 per CALENDAR day surcharge regardless of duration (field services are $10 per visit/taxi).

  • New Year’s Day/Weekend
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President’s Day Weekend
  • Good Friday/Easter Sunday Weekend
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Independence Day/Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Weekend (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day/Weekend
  • New Year’s Eve

We ask that you proactively let us know if you will NOT need a your regularly scheduled services on a holiday as far in advance as possible (i.e., Thanksgiving if you normally have a furbaby walked on Thursdays). If we do not hear from you, we MUST assume that you and your furbaby NEED us and WILL DEPLOY the regular or on call personnel. You will be responsible for the applicable fee as well as the surcharge if you have not communicated to us that you do not require our services by 8pm the night before a holiday.  The staff is expressly forbidden from taking such instructions so please do not jeopardize their jobs by putting them in this position.

Billing, Payments, and Taxes

Pets a Go Go® offers a number of options with regard to billing, both in arrears (after the service) or prepayment. For those whose schedules allow, we provide monthly (business day) pre-pay packages that gives our business more consistency and also provides the client with a significant discount. All daily services are available in a pre-paid method; however, these packages are non-refundable and are charged on the first day of the period. There is no refund for monthly services that are not utilized after the week/month is paid.

Effective October 1, 2011, Pets a Go Go® will no longer accept cash or checks for field services. Due to the increased number of bad checks and delayed payments, we can only offer auto billing through a debit or credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for your convenience). Should any invoice go unpaid for 7 calendar days or a balance exceed $200 for any reason, Pets a Go Go® reserves the right to suspend services and to apply interest at 1.5% per month until it is rectified. Pets a Go Go® will also require a debit or credit card be placed on file in order to restore services as well as a minimum of weekly pre-payment if the credit card declines or unpaid balances are repetitive. Balances that go unresolved for 60+ days without communication or payment towards the balance will be considered “bad debt” and Pets a Go Go® will forward to their collections agency and/or pursue client in small claims court. All expenses associated with collections or small claims will become the responsibility of the client and will be added to the outstanding balance. Collections balances will be reported to all credit bureaus to the extent the law allows.

Please note that Pets a Go Go® is required to collect and forward sales tax in your jurisdiction. This means that we will add the applicable sales tax for your city, county, or state to your bill every week or month. This is regardless of whether you pre-pay or pay in arrears on any frequency.

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