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Latest NewsMarch is National Pet Poison Prevention Month: Pets a Go Go’s Guide to Keeping Your Dog Safe

March 3, 2023

March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month and according to American Humane, there are an estimated 232,000 cases of pet poisoning in the US annually. Although we know all furbaby parents do their best to create a safe environment for their pup’s to live, there is always the risk of dogs getting accidentally exposed to toxins.

To help keep your dogs safe, the Pets a Go Go team is sharing information on the common pet poison dangers to look out for.

Human Food. There are many foods that can be poisonous for pets, so it is important to make sure that all your meals are either out of reach or stored away properly. Some food items and ingredients worth mentioning are onions which can destroy a dog’s red blood cells, coffee– especially beans and ground– and grapes and raisins. Of course, chocolate, especially for baking, is also poisonous for dogs. Fatty foods like turkey skin can lead to painful and serious digestive issues. In addition, alcoholic beverages should be always kept out of reach from pets.

Cooked Bones. We all know dogs love bones, but the American Kennel Club advises people to never give their pup cooked bones of any kind. When giving your dog a non-cooked bone, you must watch them closely. Splintering bones become hazardous and cause life threatening situations such as chocking and cutting in a dog’s throat and intestines.

Household Plants. Now, a threat that most dog owners don’t think about: plants. Some common plants to keep away from dogs are Mistletoe, Easter Lily, and Dieffenbachia. All these festive plants can result in major medical problems for your pet. But don’t worry, you can keep these plants in your house, just make sure they are carefully placed in an unreachable location. When fertilizing your garden or yard, make sure to keep your pets inside. These chemicals can be toxic, and you must avoid having your pet roam around after you fertilize your plants for the spring.

Cleaning Products. Most household cleaning supplies and repair products are toxic for dogs to consume. When cleaning an area of your home, make sure to keep your dog out of that area until you are finished and the floors are dry. Even if you have all these poisons out of reach, you can never be too prepared. Always have your veterinarian’s phone number on display just in case you need it. If you suspect your dog has been poisoned, call a nearby emergency clinic, along with Animal Poisoning Control Center.

Antifreeze. When walking near cars, make sure to be on the lookout for any liquids, such as antifreeze which is extremely poisonous for dogs. Antifreeze has the potential to damage the kidneys. Dogs are attracted to this substance because it tastes sweet, but even the tiniest lick can be fatal. The American Kennel Club suggests washing your dog’s paws right away if they step in antifreeze. If your pup ingests antifreeze, seek medical attention immediately.

It is important to always watch your dog closely when they are free roaming the home or are with you at a party. You should also closely observe your dog for all symptoms of poisoning, including low energy, loss of appetite, and vomiting. Be prepared to act fast, be alert, and keep these poisons away from your dog, to ensure they have a healthy and fur-tastic life!










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