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Latest NewsHappy Valentine’s Day: What to Give Your Dog in Place of Chocolates

February 10, 2023

It is predicted that people are going to spend $26 billion celebrating Valentine’s Day this year in the United States. Since our furbabies are a part of the family it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that more Americans are looking for creative ways to spoil their dogs with treats and goodies this on Valentine’s Day. Although it is cute to watch pets open gift baskets and other surprises, it is important to make sure that dangers such as alcohol, chocolate, and wrapping paper, that are commonly around on Valentine’s Day are out of reach.

To ensure that all pups are pampered in a safe and enjoyable way, the Pets a Go Go team pulled together its top five ways to celebrate our fluffy valentines.

Make Homemade Dog Treats. When baking for Valentine’s Day, why not make something for your furry friend as well? Making homemade dog treats is a great way to express your love to your pup in a safe and meaningful way. Before going shopping for ingredients, always make sure you are getting recipes from a credible source to ensure that it is in fact pet friendly. The American Kennel Club shares some easy-to-follow recipes, including ones for apple-cheddar dog biscuits and baked chicken treats.

Go Shopping Together. Whether your dog is in need of new toys or some essentials, going to the pet store together is an entertaining and interactive Valentine’s Day activity. Allow your furbaby to take the lead, sniff around, and pick out their gift! Cozy beds, blankets, and sweaters also make great presents.

Book a Spa Appointment. Is your furbaby overdue for their next bath or nail trim? Treat them to a day at a doggie spa. Dry skin and paws are a common occurrence during the winter and professional groomers will help make sure that dogs get relief from their irritants. In addition, some groomers provide festive accessories such as bandanas and bowties, creating the perfect photo opportunity for a freshly groomed pup.

Collaborate on an Arts and Crafts Project. Paw painting is not only a fun activity for your pup, but it also creates a Valentine’s Day keepsake for you. Place a white poster board on the ground and dip your dog’s paws into the desired paint colors. You can cut the posterboard in the shape of a heart. Next, have your dog run or walk across their canvas to create beautiful and abstract art! We recommend doing all paw painting on a tarp or sheet to avoid messes, and outside if possible.

Schedule a Playdate. Galentine’s Day can be for dogs too! Spend some time meeting up with fellow dog owners at someone’s house or a local park to allow your pup to get some intense playtime in while socializing. Or, drop your furbaby off at daycare for a few hours to allow them to run around with their friends in safe environment.

If you are looking for something fun to do on Valentine’s Day, Pets a Go Go is hosting a festive photo booth and pet gift swap that is open to the public, free of charge. All are invited to join in on the excitement as we celebrate the love that we have for our furbabies.

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