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Latest NewsPets a Go Go’s Guide to Grooming Your Dogs This Summer

July 12, 2023

Maintaining your dog’s well-being goes way beyond appearance. It’s more than a speedy bath after your dog has a little too much fun in the mud! Grooming is pivotal in keeping your dog looking and feeling its best, even when it seems they already are. Creating a summer grooming schedule for your dog will contribute to a longer, healthier life for your pet.

The Pets a Go Go team is sharing indispensable summer grooming tips for your dogs to keep them feeling their best!

Brush Your Dog: Shedding is a natural process for your dogs, but they can’t do it all by themselves. According to Texas A&M University, brushing your dog for around 5-10 minutes a few days a week can help lift the weight of excess hair to make them feel more comfortable and free. No coat is the same, so brushing your dog may differ across breeds. We recommend using a pin brush and combs for short-haired and single-coat dogs. For dogs with thicker hair and double coats, we recommend using a wide thick comb and buying brushes for de-shedding.

Bathe Your Dog: Bathing your dog is crucial for many reasons. While the frequency of bathing your dog is based on a few factors, such as how often your dog is outdoors, coat type, and activity levels, the benefits are all the same! Bathing your dog helps protect your pup’s vital barrier against the environment. Dogs with thicker coats should bathe every 4-6 weeks, and dogs with shorter, thinner coats should wash monthly. Bathing your furbaby will remove dirt, odor, and debris to keep him/her smelling clean and looking shiny and fresh. It also helps maintain the health of your dog’s skin and coat by removing excess oil and allergens. Be sure to use all-natural, dog-safe shampoos, and consult with your veterinarian if you need additional guidance. You can make this an enjoyable experience for both of you. Use this time to bond with your dog and use positive reinforcement so your dog associates bath time with a plethora of attention and treats!

Protect Your Dog’s Skin: Humans know to wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun during the hot summer days, but just like us, dogs need to be protected too. During the hottest hours of the day, it is recommended that you keep your dog indoors or apply sunscreen specifically made for pets.  It is commonly misperceived that shaving your dog’s coat during the summer will help your dog stay cool. However, their coat is a barrier and protects them from the sun, so don’t completely shave your dog’s coat! Be sure to stay vigilant of your dog’s skin and coat to ensure they are not burnt, and if they are sure to contact your vet.

Avoid Hot Surfaces: It is essential to be conscious of the hottest times of the day and where you are walking your dog. We have all experienced the painful sensation of walking barefoot on the beach or your driveway and feeling your feet burn. This happens to dogs as well. Although your dog’s paw pads are tough, they are vulnerable to extreme summer temperatures. If you have any doubts about a hot surface, use your hand to feel the surface gently.

Visit a Professional Groomer: Professionals have the knowledge and tools to individualize your dog’s care. They understand how to care for long-haired vs. short-haired breeds and can provide insightful advice to help you create an at-home grooming plan for your dog.

To achieve the paw-fect summer look for your dog, check out Pets A Go Go’s grooming services to help you care for your dog this summer!

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