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UncategorizedPets a Go Go’s Top Four Tips for Keeping Dogs Safe During Fireworks

June 23, 2023

With fireworks season just around the corner, it’s crucial to address the potential dangers and stress that fireworks can cause for dogs. While humans often delight in the colorful explosions and loud booms, many dogs experience heightened anxiety and fear during fireworks displays. Nearly half of all dogs have been found to experience “Firework Phobia.” Did you know that there are preventive measures to ensure the mental stability of your furry best friend?

The Pets a Go Go team has you covered. We are sharing our recommended ways to ensure that our best friends are as safe this Independence Day.

Close Windows and Curtains. One of the most effective and easiest solutions to protect your dog from fireworks is to close all windows and utilize any curtains or blinds. Taking these measures to block out any outside stimulants will allow you to create a safe space in your home for your dog to relax for the duration of a nearby fireworks show.

Don’t Bring Your Dog Outside. Although many dogs enjoy the company of humans while at a party, it is impossible for a dog with firework phobia to enjoy the warmth of humans while also being protected from the impending firework display. To lower the need to bring your dog outdoors, you should walk your pup before you go out to your 4th of July party so that your dog is able to go outside and roam around before any fireworks begin. This will also ensure that your dog does not need to go to the bathroom while fireworks displays erupt in the sky.

Distract Your Dog. If you’re home with your dog when fireworks go off, it is best to attempt to distract your dog by playing games with them. You can entertain your furbaby in a variety of ways. Turning on the TV is a great way to block out outside noise. You could also give your dog their favorite toy. These techniques can help your dog take their mind off the ongoing fireworks as the noise from the toys, or you will be more familiar than the loud thuds that fireworks create.

Invest in Doggie Headphones. If you’re already aware that your dog will fear the impending fireworks, then purchasing doggie headphones would be a good idea. Doggie headphones are exactly what they sound like; they are designed for dogs. When using doggie headphones, people find it best to play white noise so that dogs can listen to calming noises instead of the intense thuds and bangs that fireworks can create. Dog headphones can range in price as they are as cheap as $40 and as expensive as $70. Buying doggie headphones could not only help you with the 4th of July, but it could also help you with other holidays that typically lend themselves to fireworks displays.

By following these guidelines and understanding the specific needs of our furbabies, we can make a significant difference in their well-being during fireworks displays. If you want a safe and comfortable place for your dog to relax during this holiday, check out our doggie daycare options HERE.

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