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Latest NewsFour Memorable Ways for Dog Moms to Celebrate Mother’s Day

May 12, 2023

Happy Mother’s Day! As of this year, 66 percent of U.S. households (86.9 million homes) own a pet for companionship or emotional support, according to Forbes Advisor. Dogs quickly become a part of the family, and furbaby moms deserve to be celebrated for all that they do to keep our four-legged companions happy and healthy. At Pets a Go Go, we understand how much effort and care goes into being moms to furbabies.

The team at Pets a Go Go rounded up their favorite Mother’s Day traditions that can be done with your furbabies!

Enjoy the Outdoors. Getting fresh air will have a positive impact on both the mental health of you and your dog. Whether you plan a relaxing picnic or go on a hike, it will be a great bonding experience. You can also plan a doggie playdate with another furbaby mom and meet at a local dog park. Before embarking on your adventure, make sure to pack a bag with water, dog-friendly treats, and waste bags.

Make Reservations. Take advantage of local dog-friendly restaurants and plan a brunch for two! This option is not for all dogs, so keep your pup’s breed, personality, and size in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all. For dessert, stop by a café or ice cream shop to pick up a pup cup. Watching your dog chow down on a sweet treat will make a super cute photo op.

Create Keepsakes. Mother’s Day is a great time to slow down from the rush of day-to-day life and to capture meaningful memories with your pup. Creating paw art is an exciting activity for you and your dog. To create paw art, place a white poster board on the ground and dip your dog’s paws into the desired paint colors. Next, have your dog run or walk across their canvas to create beautiful and abstract art! We recommend doing all paw painting on a tarp or sheet to avoid messes. You can also purchase a Paw Print Keepsake Kit, which will allow you to capture your dog’s pawprint in pet-safe clay.

Plan a Photoshoot. Grab a camera, pick a place that you and your dog both enjoy, and do a photoshoot! This is a great way to capture memories in places that matter. You can even buy matching mommy and puppy outfits to wear in the photos. If you need assistance taking photos, invite another dog mom, and you can take each other’s pictures. Once this tradition is started, you can create a photo album in which you add new content to it each Mother’s Day.

There are so many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with your pup, but these are a few activities to get you started. The Pets a Go Go team cares for your dogs as if they are our own, so we understand how much effort is put into giving our furry friends the lives they deserve.

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