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Latest NewsUncategorizedThe Pets a Go Go Guide to Navigating Allergy Season: Tips and Solutions for Dog Owners

March 14, 2024

It’s officially spring—which means it’s time to begin preparing your pup for the allergy season! From pollen and grass, to trees, weeds, and more, spring brings with it a plethora of irritants that can trigger allergic symptoms in your beloved pet.


Know the Symptoms: Recognizing Allergies in Your Pup

Spring allergens commonly cause itchy and irritated skin, ear infections, sneezing, and other symptoms in dogs who are sensitive to them. If you notice your dog is scratching, licking, or rubbing their paws, face, or ears more than usual, they may have seasonal allergies. As with any diagnosis or treatment, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

Pets a Go Go’s 6 Tips for Scratchy, Sniffy Dogs:

Here are our tip tips to care for your canine in order to alleviate spring allergies:

  1. When coming inside from the outdoors, help your pup by wiping their coat and feet to remove pollen and other allergens that can get stuck to their fur.
  2. Treat your dog to a thorough grooming on a regular basis to keep their coat clean and allergen-free. (See below for some of our recommendations!)
  3. Feed your furbaby a high-quality dog food that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, or supplement their current diet with fish oil (after consulting your veterinarian first!). Omega-3’s help reduce inflammation and skin health to reduce irritation experienced during the spring allergy season.
  4. Provide pup with plenty of fresh water to keep them hydrated and flush out any toxins from their system.
  5. For exercise without sneezes, opt for more indoor play! Playing with your dog inside of the home can reduce their exposure to spring allergens. Tug-of-war, interactive toys, hide and seek—there are plenty of indoor options!
  6. During outdoor time, avoid high-pollen areas like fields and forests. Instead, keep to paved paths and areas with fewer plants.


Pets a Go Go’s Favorite Solutions for Spring Allergy Season

Musher's Secret Paw Protection Natural Dog Wax, 60-g jar slide 1 of 5a dog with a stethoscope around its neck


Pawz Booties

Protect your pup’s paws during walks to help avoid excessive licking and scratching.

Musher’s Paw Salve
Soothe irritated paws with this great, natural wax salve!

Theraclean Bath

Pets a Go Go offers specialty grooming services that help alleviate allergic irritation. Our Theraclean Bath utilizes all-natural enzymes and our unique microbubble technology.  Our award-winning grooming services are available everyday in our Briarcliff and Stamford locations.

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