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Introducing Express Grooming

Express Grooming is perfect for a very sensitive, geriatric or crate adverse pup who needs to be in and out of the salon in the least amount of time. Booking this type of service means that when you arrive on time for your appointment, your pup will be taken directly into the tub and goes onto the table immediately for drying and haircut (if applicable), nails, ears and teeth. You would be called 15-20 minutes before they are complete so that they should be in and out of the building in one to one and a half hours total.

  • 50 percent surcharge to your normal grooming price as calculated below
Basic Beautification

A full service bath utilizing our bathing system, a hand blow dry and brushout/demat for up to 20 minutes with our paraben-free, natural and/or organic shampoos and conditioners. We include nail trim, ear cleaning, tear stain treatment (if applicable) and teeth brushing in all the below prices.

  • $50.00 for extra-small furbabies (up to and including 20 pounds)
  • $60.00 for small furbabies (20.1-40 pounds)
  • $70.00 for medium furbabies (40.1-60 pounds)
  • $80.00 for large furbabies (60.1-80 pounds)
  • $90 for extra-large furbabies (80.1-100 pounds)
  • $100 for XXL furbabies (100.1-120 pounds)
  • $110 for 3X furbabies (120.1-140 pounds)
  • $120 for 4X furbabies (140.1-160 pounds)
  • $130 for 5X furbabies (160.1-180 pounds)
  • $140 for 6X furbabies (180.1-200 pounds)
A La Carte Services for Dogs
  • Nail Maintenance – $15
  • Ear Maintenance – $15
  • Smile Maintenance – $15
Specialty Services

Furminating Treatment
$20 upcharge includes shampoo, solution and furminating tools.

Hot Oil Treatment
$5 upcharge to provide deep, long lasting benefits to the skin AND coat.

$30 upcharge to treat the oil and smell of a skunk spray. FOR BEST RESULTS, DO NOT WET YOUR PUP PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. The products work best when they are placed directly on the oils produced by the skunk. This includes home remedies.

Flea Treatment
$30 upcharge to treat flea issues both topically and internally. We provide a CapStar at arrival, a flea and tick bath as well as a CapStar at departure to provide full protection from the entire parasite lifecycle. Infestations too severe to kill all living parasites may have an additional charge if more than one bath or two CapStar pills are necessary.

589 North State Road
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+1 (914) 458-4181
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+1 (203) 548-7978

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