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Latest NewsPaw-fect Ways to Celebrate Dog Mother’s Day!

April 30, 2024

Dog Mother’s Day is a special celebration honoring the bond between moms and their furry friends. Dog Mother’s Day is celebrated yearly on the second Saturday of May. This special day presents a paw-sitively delightful opportunity for dog moms to create lasting memories with their canine companions. Pets a Go Go is here to share a few ways you can celebrate!


Outdoor Activities

Venture out to the park or embark on a walk with your pup. Take in the beauty of natural surroundings and maybe even encounter other furry friends along the way. Don’t forget to pack some toys for interactive playtime and heartfelt bonding!


Spa Day

While we can’t control the weather, we can still celebrate indoors! Treat yourself and your furry friend to a day of pampering. Consider booking a pet-friendly spa session (available at Pets a Go Go! – Explore Our Services: SPA SERVICES – Petsagogo) or create a cozy DIY salon experience at home.


Baking Night

If the spa isn’t your cup of tea (or bone broth), whip up some dog-friendly treats! Baking together ensures your pup’s safety and adds a dash of nutrition to your day. Just remember to steer clear of chocolate—it’s a no-go for our furry pals!

Furry Film Night

Set the stage for a relaxing movie night with your four-legged companion. Arrange comfy pillows and blankets for optimal snuggling. Queue up pet-themed movies to truly embrace this special day. And if you’re up for a tearjerker, consider watching “Marley & Me”—a paw-sitively heartwarming choice.


Dog-Friendly Destinations

Plenty of eateries and coffee shops allow space for you and your pup to enjoy the day together. Many venues offer patio seating, so if it’s a nice day, spend a nice lunch with your best furry friend. Websites like Bring Fido can help you discover local pet-friendly spots.


Dog Mom Event

Round up your fellow dog mom friends and their pups for a delightful gathering! It’s a fantastic opportunity for the pups to make new friends while moms unwind and share stories. After all, every wagging tail and wet nose deserves celebration


The best way to celebrate our love for our pups is by spending time with them. No matter what you do, having your pup by your side will ensure that your special day is full of love! May your Dog Mother’s Day be filled with tail wags, wet kisses, and cherished moments!

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