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Latest NewsNational Best Friends Day: The Importance of Socialization for Dogs

June 8, 2021

On June 8th, we celebrate National Best Friends Day giving us the chance to celebrate the greatest pals, buddies and confidants in our lives with. For many individuals, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this day is man’s best friend – our pups.  Our furry friend requires not only us for socialization, but they also benefit greatly from making friends with other dogs.


Dogs are loyal and loving to their owners, but it’s important that they are socialized so that they remain friendly and healthy to everyone they meet. Life gets busy and it is easy to forget that your pet’s needs extend beyond what you provide for them in the home. It’s essential that you get your pup outside to interact with new people and dogs. Once you understand the benefits of socializing your dog, you will see why you should prioritize these activities in your pup’s life.


The Pets a Go Go team has shared some of the many benefits to socialization for dogs:


Reduces anxiety over new situations: Dogs that are used to socializing will be less stressed and fearful in new environments. Socializing will help build your dog’s confidence when he encounters an unfamiliar place.


Increases overall health: Dogs need exercise and pups that achieve it, at least partially, through socialization will be happier and healthier. If a dog is not used to social situations, she may use her energy to act anxiously rather than to play with others.


Better vet visits: Dogs need to go to vets for their whole lives and it is often a stressful situation for the dog. But if your dog is used to socializing with new people, they will most likely have less dread and fear over vet visits.


Better travel experience: As a dog parent, you will need to take your pup in the car. If a dog isn’t used to exploring new situations and seeing new people, car rides can scare them. But if your pup socializes often, car rides can become fun and normal experiences for dogs.


Creating positive socialization habits with your dogs has many benefits including improving your pup’s confidence and health. Some of the best ways to socialize your dog is through extra love and petting from a young age, walks in a new environment, experimenting with different toys and stimuli, car rides, doggie daycare or training, dog parks and more. Whichever way you decide to socialize your dog, remember you are doing it to keep your best furry friend healthy and happy!

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