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Latest NewsHeading Back to Work? What to Know About Separation Anxiety With Your Pup

June 22, 2021

People are not the only ones feeling anxiety and stress while returning back to work in the office post-pandemic. Many owners adopted what some may call “COVID Puppies” while quarantining during the pandemic. It became a good opportunity to spend time with new puppies and train them while working from home.


Puppies are now experiencing separation anxiety as their owners go back into the office for the day. Having their owners at home as made them feel comfortable and reliable on their needs, so when they are left alone they begin to feel anxious and stressed. Making the transition as easiest as possible for your little fur babies is important and below are a few tips on how to do so.


Give your puppies alone time in the transition: In making the transition easier for your puppies, teaching them to be alone before you return to the office is key. While you are working, put them in another room, or in a place where they are by themselves. It’s important for them to learn to be on their own without constant attention.


Make a routine for your pups: Creating a routine for your puppy is a smart idea before returning to work so they get used to the way things will be. Begin taking your dog out at times you normally would if you were in the office. Take them for walks in the morning, during lunch and after the work day is over. Potty training your puppies before returning to the office is important as well. Make sure they know they can only go to the bathroom during those set times.


Leave the tv or radio on while you are gone: As your puppies are probably used to listening to you take phone calls all day, they know you’re there and it will make them more comfortable to continue hearing noise. Leave the tv on low or turn the radio on while you are gone to help with their loneliness and stress.


Take them on long walks when you get home: Once you return to the office, ensuring your puppy receives attention when you return home is very important. Take them on long walks when you’re home for exercise and attention reasons. They may not be used to sitting inside all day so having the routine of walking them will benefit both the puppy and owner.


Make sure to give your fur babies the proper attention they deserve when heading back into the office. They have relied on you to be home during the pandemic and just like humans, pups experience stress and anxiety as well. Remember to look out for your puppies and make the transition as easy as possible for them!

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