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Latest NewsFive Tips to Manage Your Dogs Reaction to Fireworks This Year

June 26, 2021

With Fourth of July only a week away, many individuals are preparing for the occasion by stocking up on fireworks. While fireworks are an enjoyable and festive activity for humans, they can be terrifying and overwhelming for dogs. If your dog is afraid of other loud sounds in the environment like thunderstorms, there is a high likelihood they will also be scared of fireworks.


One of the main concerns dog owners have when it comes to fireworks is having their dog become so frightened, they try and run to a quieter location, often getting lost in the process. A study found that 30% more pets become lost between July 4th and 6th than any other time of the year. In an effort to prevent an event like this from occurring, Pets a Go Go has shared tips on how to keep your dog calm and anxiety-free during this noisy time.


  1. Keep Your Dog Away from Fireworks: Ultimately, the easiest way to keep your dog safe during this time is to NOT bring them to any live fireworks. Even if they have never experienced fireworks before and you are not sure how they are going to react the safest bet is still keeping them indoors where you can see and monitor them.
  2. Create a Safe Haven: Set up a calm and comforting area for your dog somewhere in your house. The space should be away from windows so that they cannot see or hear the fireworks, and they should be surrounded by their favorite toys and treats. If you are concerned, it is recommended to stay home with your dog during the fireworks. They are comfortable with you, and even just your presence and soothing tone will help them to relax.
  3. Walk them Prior to the Noise: This is pretty self-explanatory, but you do not want to have to bring your dog outside during all the loud noise. It also is recommended to look into getting a lost-pet device/service so that if your dog was to run, they can be found easily.
  4. Desensitizing: If you suspect that your dog may freak out, try playing soft sounds of fireworks beforehand so that your dog can get used to hearing them. The volume should be low enough that your dog notices the sound, but it does not send them into a panic.
  5. Talk to your Trusted Pet Care Professional: If you feel as though you have tried everything, and none of it is seeming to work, you may want to talk to your trusted pet care professional that specializes in dogs. They can discuss behavioral practices and best tips that will sooth your dog’s anxiety during stressful times like these.


Not all dogs are scared of fireworks, but it is important to realize that dogs take cues from their owner. As long as you stay calm, there is a higher likelihood they will as well. We hope that you follow these tips and that you and your dog find ways to enjoy this upcoming Fourth of July.


Nicole Rigger is the Founder of Pets a Go Go, a service provider of choice for more than 4,300+* pet parents (and their furbabies) in Westchester County, New York and Fairfield County, Connecticut for the last fifteen plus years. The Paw Squad® members offer customized pet care in our all-green, 24 hour staffed, 100 percent cage-free facility for doggie daycare as well as overnight services along with expert training and grooming and so much more. For more information: www.petsagogo.com  

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