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Latest NewsKeeping Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

August 3, 2021

With summer in full swing, families everywhere are soaking up some fun in the sun with their furry friends. The kids are home from school, the trees are fully bloomed, and there are tons of outdoor activities out there to take advantage of.


But with all this fun, comes extremely hot temperatures to take into consideration. The average temperature in New York throughout the summer months is 83 degrees, and when the sun is shining at its brightest this temperature it can feel a whole lot warmer. People during these warmer months struggle to keep cool even with the appropriate methods, so it’s important that we’re looking out for our furry friends during this season as well.


When it comes to the way dogs handle heat, they face more of a risk than just being uncomfortable. By allowing them to get too hot, their owners are putting them at risk for complications such as heatstroke. Dogs want to enjoy their summer months outside just as much as humans do, so with some awareness and caution, you can prevent your pets from missing out on summer fun and the enjoyment of a warm day.


At Pets a Go Go, a premier pet care provider in Westchester and Fairfield County, safety is our number one priority. Both of our facilities are fully air conditioned and heated, and we provide plenty of fresh water to avoid dehydration. The dogs are always closely monitored for signs of heat exhaustion and if temperatures rise above 80 degrees, we may close up our facility and offer the outside play yards for relief purposes no less than every two hours. In addition to all of this, we also provide appropriate pools, sprinklers, and shade structures to keep all pets comfortable.


As the owner of Pets a Go Go, I’ve pulled together some of the best tips to keep your dog cool during the warmer months.


Know Your Dog Breed: Certain dog breeds react differently when introduced to a hotter climate. Dogs with thin, short coats (I.e., Dalmatians and, Chihuahuas) tend to do better in the heat. Dogs with short noses and thicker coats have a harder time adjusting to warm temperatures. Most dogs can tolerate the sun with hydration and care, but it is important to know your dog breed and what they need to be healthy and comfortable outdoors.


Hydrate: Make sure clean water is accessible all day long. Just like humans, it is very common for dogs to get dehydrated, especially when exposed to heat. Whether you’re spending the day outside or just taking them on a quick walk, be sure to bring a portable bowl or water bottle to give them along the way.


NEVER Leave a Dog in a Hot Car: Dogs succumb to heatstroke very quickly, and do not sweat in the way humans can. A car with the engine off tends to feel much hotter than the air outside, and this temperature can rise very fast making it difficult to cool down. In severe cases, leaving a dog in a car can lead to their sudden death so avoid this at all costs.


Sun: Typically, the temperature reaches its hottest point mid-day to mid-afternoon (12 pm until 4 pm). Dogs should be walked and let outside before and after this time frame, when it is slightly cooler out. During these hours, the pavement outside is also at its highest temperature and dog’s paws can burn on hot pavement. If it is too hot for your hands, then it is too hot for the dog!


Outdoor Shade: Some dogs cannot stand being inside for long periods of time, and it may be necessary to take them out even when the temperature is high. In this case, it is important to make sure there is an area that provides shade and comfort. For example, a large tree, portable sunshades, patio umbrellas, and pop-up canopies are all great options. Your dog should never be left outside with no protection or relief from the sun.


As important as outdoor time is for your pets, so is safety. Summer is an adventurous and exciting season for people and their furry companions so Pets a Go Go encourages you to follow these tips to ensure these months are filled with smiles and fun.

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