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Latest NewsMoving to a New Home? Here’s What You Can Do to Help Your Pet Transition

June 1, 2021

Summer months are among the most common for pet owners seeking to move to a new home. Families across the country are packing up their whole lives, and in turn their pets’ lives, and settling somewhere new. Moving is a stressful process for everyone involved including parents, kids, single adults, friends, and extended family. But there is one vital member of the family that the move also takes a toll on: the pet.


Pets’ lives revolve around their routines and places of comfort – moving disrupts every aspect of a pet’s life including the very things that they have become accustomed to. To make this process as stress-free as possible for them, pet parents should make many preparations beforehand and have a plan. Here are some specific things to include in a moving plan for your furry friend:


Start packing early: If you pack your life up extremely fast, your pet may get anxious or freaked out by the rapid changes. By bringing in moving boxes early and moving it all bit by bit, your pet will be able to adjust to smaller changes. This will help prepare your “fur baby” for the ultimate move (and will probably ease your mind too!).


Keep your pet away from the activity: Even if you pack early, moving day will always be hectic. When this day comes, keep your pet in a secluded room away from the moving furniture, boxes, and people coming in and out of the house. Even better, if it is possible, have your pet stay with a friend (or in their favorite daycare or overnight spot) during moving day.


Check in with the vet: Before you move, it is important to make sure you have all of your pet’s records and medication is with you. You should also get your pet checked out by the vet before you move and ask your current vet if she knows any vets in your new area.


Pack an overnight bag: Moving can take many days and it might be hard to find specific belongings for weeks after you settle in. Therefore, you need to pack a bag with all of your pet’s necessities including food, toys, treats, bed, medication and anything else your pet may need. This bag should be easily accessible, and you should keep it with you instead of loading it on the moving truck.


Make time for your pet to acclimate: When you finally get to your new home, you may be relieved, but your pet is most likely still anxious about the new environment. Let your pet get used to your new home in the time and manner that works best for them. With cats, it might be better for them to be introduced to the new home one room at a time. For dogs, if you can walk them in the neighborhood before you move, this will help them be less anxious when you arrive.


Whether you are moving this summer or not, these things are good to keep in mind so we can all take the best possible care of our furry friends!


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