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Latest NewsThe Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Dog from Ticks This Spring

April 27, 2022

As the warmer months quickly approach, pet parents everywhere begin to worry about pups bringing unwanted visitors back into the house. It’s approaching that time of year when ticks invade our backyards and favorite walking paths once again. Ticks are not only nuisances, but they can also be dangerous if we aren’t proactive about getting rid of them and protecting against them.

During the spring and summer months, dogs are more likely to encounter ticks due to the warmer weather. Ticks can be found in backyards and outdoor areas but are especially prevalent in wooded areas. While taking your dog for a hike through the woods is an excellent summer activity, you need to make sure you are protecting your dog from ticks when you go into wooded areas. The team at Pets a Go Go pulled together our top 5 suggestions on how to protect your fur baby from ticks during the warmer months.

  1. Be “spot-on” with preventative treatments. One of the most common tick treatments is a “spot-on” medication that will protect from ticks, fleas, and other parasites. This medication needs to be administered once a month but is highly effective at protecting your pup. Meet with your veterinarian to determine which spot-on treatment is best for your dog.
  2. Consider purchasing a tick collar. One great way to add an extra layer of protection for your dog is to get a tick collar. It can protect your pup for months, does not require a prescription, and is quick and easy to use. For it to work, the collar must touch your dog’s skin, but make sure there is still about two fingers worth of space between your dog’s neck and the collar to ensure comfortability and safety. While tick collars mainly protect your pup’s neck and head, they are great for extra protection.
  3. Scrub those ticks away. Specially made shampoo to kill ticks is a great way to protect your pup. Since tick shampoo kills them right away, this is an excellent option if your dog spends an extended period of time outside. However, tick shampoo is not preventative, so keep that in mind as you use it.
  4. Treat your yard too. Giving your dog treatments isn’t the only way to protect your pup against ticks. You can also use outdoor tick sprays (safe for animals) in your yard to prevent ticks from living there and having the opportunity to get on your pup. Trimming exceptionally tall or overgrown areas of grass and bushes will also prevent ticks from living in your yard.
  5. Check your pup, then check again and again. You should check your dog for ticks every time he comes back in after being outside in the warmer months. This includes everything from going on a hike to playing in the backyard for five minutes. Be extra careful to check around ears, paws, legs, neck, and deep in the fur. Diligently checking your dog for ticks is possibly the most important thing you can do to protect your dog. If you find a tick, get rid of it right away, being sure to remove it entirely.

Ticks have the potential to be highly harmful to pets and humans, but there are simple ways to prevent this. Be proactive, preventative, and diligent as you treat and check for ticks this spring and summer. See your vet to discuss the best options to protect your dog from ticks. If you need any more advice on protecting your pup from ticks, please contact the Pets a Go Go team at thepawsquad@petsagogo.com or call one of our locations!

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