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Latest NewsHappy Mother’s Day! Fun Ideas for Celebrating with Your Furbabies

May 8, 2022

We all know there’s more than one way to be a mom. At Pets a Go Go, we understand how much effort and care goes into being moms to furbabies. This Mother’s Day, we want to make sure to honor all dog moms out there! The team at Pets a Go Go came up with their personal favorite Mother’s Day celebrations you can do with your furbabies!

Enjoy a meal out together. Find a local pet-friendly restaurant and enjoy a lovely meal together this Mother’s Day. With the weather warming up, and summer approaching, this is a great way to make the most of your day! To get some inspiration, check out our guide to the best dog-friendly restaurants in Westchester and Fairfield counties.

Pack a picnic. If you would rather not go to a restaurant and want to give your dog some more space to play and explore, a picnic is a great option! Go to your favorite local park, and relax, as you take in the fresh air. You can also pack dog-friendly snacks in addition to your meal including watermelon, cheese, and banana slices.

Take some time for pampering. You deserve some pampering and so does your pup! Book yourself a spa treatment this Mother’s Day, and then do the same for your dog. Pets a Go Go offers spa services for your dog to enjoy. Allowing your dog to spend some time at doggy daycare will also give you more flexibility and you won’t have to rush your spa day because you will have the reassurance that your dog is having fun and is in good hands.

Spend some quality time together. This can look however you want it to. You could spend some extra time playing with your pup, you could go for an extra-long walk, or you could even just spend some extra time cuddling with your furbaby! 

Watch a movie where the dog is the star. Grab some popcorn and end the day by watching your favorite dog-centric movie. Watching a movie about a dog while you cuddle with your pup is a great way to remember just how much our pets mean to us!

Go on an adventure. Try something new to celebrate Mother’s Day with your furbaby! Maybe go for a hike on a path you’ve never tried before or visit a new dog park. Staying active is a sure way to put you and your pup in a positive mood.

Pose for the camera. Mother’s Day is the perfect day for an updated family photo. Take a picture with your furbaby, whether it’s a selfie, a professional photo, or an at-home tripod setup!

Take a trip down memory lane.  Our final and favorite suggestion is to take a trip down memory lane this Mother’s Day by looking at past photos of you and your furbaby. Look at photos from when you first got your puppy, from the first walk you took together from your favorite day in the park, and especially that time your dog was looking so adorable sleeping in his bed.

Pick the celebration that both you and your pup will enjoy the most — no two furbabies and moms are the same! No matter how you decide to celebrate with your pet, the most important thing is that you celebrate. Pets a Go Go cares for your furbabies while you’re at work or on a trip, so we know how much time and energy goes into caring for pets. We believe moms of furbabies deserve to celebrate Mother’s Day too!

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