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Latest NewsYour Pup Wants You to Be Their Valentine — How Dogs Show Love

February 3, 2022

If dogs could talk, they would ask their pet parents every year on February 14, “will you be my valentine?” Unfortunately, dogs cannot talk and have no concept of Valentine’s Day, but they do have their own special ways of showing just how much they love us. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the team at Pets a Go Go pulled together some of their personal favorite ways dogs display affection!


They’re excited to see you! Every dog parent knows the scene: you turn the key in your door, press it open and immediately your pup is right there jumping up and down, tail wagging, begging for attention. This may be obvious, but this reaction shows that your dog loves you. When dogs see their owners after they’ve been gone, their little bodies can barely contain their excitement!


Your name gets their tail wagging. Not only can dogs learn their own name but they can learn yours! When your pup hears your name, she’ll get excited because she thinks you’re coming. Pet parents often don’t intentionally teach dogs names in the family, but dogs love their pack so much, they will learn it on their own.


They believe sharing is caring. Toys are special to dogs— it’s something that a dog can claim entirely as their own. Yet dogs will often bring their favorite toys to their owners to share or play with. This is a sign of trust and affection because they want to share their personal possessions. As gross as it might be, even when dogs find a critter outside and bring it to you, they are trying to impress you and bring you something they view as valuable. In this situation, don’t freak out, give your dog some love and then decide on the best way to deal with the critter.


They just want to be near you. From the bedroom to the kitchen, to the office, to the living room, your dog will often follow you no matter where you go. Puppies just want to be near their pack. Your pup following you around is a great sign— this means that your dog feels safe and comforted around you. In an ideal situation, dogs feel calm and peaceful around their owners, and, as a result, try to be near them as much as possible.


Their love language is physical touch. You name it— cuddling, snuggling, nuzzling, leaning on you— any kind of physical touch from your pup shows that he loves you. Dogs want to curl up next to you because they love and trust you. Any time dogs try to touch you or cuddle you, take a moment to pet them and show some affection. All they want to do is show you they love you, and if you take a moment to show them love too the bond of trust between you and your pup will grow even more.


Dogs are deeply emotional animals and they regularly show love and affection for their pack. As a pet parent, accept this love from your pup with open arms and make sure to show your pup love as well. Developing a healthy relationship with a dog is all about trust, and reciprocating affection is an amazing way to improve trust. While it’s vital to show affection for your dog constantly, this Valentine’s Day, make sure to give your pup some extra love!

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