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Latest NewsTraveling this Holiday? Here’s What to Look for in Pet Boarding Options

December 17, 2021

It’s officially the season of family fun and festive traditions! The holiday season is always filled with joy, laughter, and celebration, but for many people it is also filled with travel. While most people would love to bring their fur babies along with them to visit loved ones, traveling with pets is not always ideal or feasible. As a result, many people choose to board their pets when they travel during the holiday.


It can be hard for pet parents to part with their fur babies during the holiday season. But thankfully, if you choose the right place to board your pet, you can relax and enjoy your time with family knowing your fur baby is well taken care of.  There are a few specific things the Pets a Go Go team have agreed are most important to look for in pet boarding options.


We wish you a cage-less Christmas! One of the very first things you should look for in a pet boarding facility is their policy on cages. Dogs already have a tough time being away from their pack, but if they have to spend that time away from their family in a cage, they’ll be even more miserable. If you pick a facility that does not use cages, your pup will have a happier and healthier stay. In the Sit Stay Play program at Pets a Go Go, we operate on a strict cage-free philosophy. We never lock up your pups, and instead have wide, open areas for them to run around!


It’s beginning to look a lot like playtime! No pet parent wants their pup to be laying around, sad, with nothing to do and no one to play with on Christmas day. That’s why it’s so important to see what pet boarding facilities do for playtime. Ideally there should be people and other puppies for your dog to play with (as long as your dog is temperament tested). At Pets a Go Go, we take this very seriously and make sure your dog has plenty of room, puppies, and people to play with. Dogs at Pets a Go Go are separated into appropriately sized and supervised play groups that take into account ages, sizes, and play styles.


I’ll be with your pup for Christmas. When you’re looking for a place to board your pet, it’s so important that you look at the policy for leaving dogs alone overnight. Some places will not have vigilant supervision throughout the day and night, so it’s important to check this before you leave your pet at the facility. In the Sit Stay Play program, staff will be there with your pup all through the day and night. At Pets a Go Go, your pup will not be crying because he’s alone at night. No doggie tears this Christmas!


All I want for Christmas is you to be safe!  This last point is the most important detail to pay attention to: make sure the facility is safe. This means that the facility has vaccination requirements, spay/neuter requirements, and takes other safety precautions for your dogs. With a lot of dogs around each other, illness can spread easily if the pups are not up to date with all their necessary shots and treatments. In order to keep your pup safe, you need to make sure they are up to date with all their necessary medical treatments, and you also need to make sure the facility you entrust with your pup requires all the same treatments. Pets a Go Go lists all the necessary requirements to participate in the Sit Stay Play program on our website here.  We also take extra precautions like a temperament check for your pup and employees that are trained in canine CPR and first aid.


This Christmas you can travel to your family or friends, and rest assured your puppy is safe and happy. Just make sure you do your research before dropping off your pup at the boarding facility. For more information on the Sit Stay Play Program visit the Pets a Go Go website here. If you would like to talk more about our program, contact us at thepawsquad@petsagogo.com or call one of our locations! Happy Holidays to you and your furbaby!




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