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Latest NewsThe Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Dog

December 14, 2022

With the holidays right around the corner, it is time to shop for the special people in our lives. Many are checking off items on their holiday gift list already, but some forget to show appreciation towards the very special members of the family, the furbabies. While animals may not comprehend the full meaning behind the holiday season, they sense the energies around this magical time of the year and often get excited. That said, it doesn’t hurt to include them, as we would anyone else near and dear to us.

There are many options for dog gifts, but by giving this decision some extra thought, we can assure you that your dog will appreciate it even more. Unnecessary things, such as random toys, are easily ignored and will end up forgotten or even thrown away. Instead, be mindful of your dog’s personality and their hobbies. Give them a present you know will bring value to them, something they will genuinely appreciate and enjoy.

While dog parents know their furbabies better than anyone else, everyone could always use some outside help to find unique and special gifts tailored to their dog’s personality type. Below are some unique ideas from the Pets a Go Go team that you may consider when browsing for gifts for your dog this holiday season!

For The Energetic Dog

  • The Tail Teaser is an excellent substitute for dogs who enjoy chasing squirrels outside. While it looks like a big cat toy, it is a favorite among many dogs as it encourages fun exercise from the comfort of your home.
  • If your dog loves to play fetch in the park, then the Fetch and Fold Tennis Ball Launcher is the perfect gift for both you and your pup. This ball launcher enables you to throw farther and helps you pick up the ball without ever having to touch it. We all know how gross these tennis balls can get.
  • Do you prefer multi-use toys? Then the Hol-ee Roller might be for you! This toy can be used to play fetch, bounces, and may be used as a treat puzzle. It keeps your dog stimulated while promoting good oral health.

For The Anxious Dog

  • If your dog is more anxious, you may want to gift them something that will keep them calm, especially during noisy festivities. Zesty Paws Calming Bites are great for relaxation and everyday stress.
  • An ideal product for relaxation in between walks is The Snuffle Mat. This product is intended to activate your dog at the same time as it releases stress. It will encourage your dog to sniff for treats or food. Sniffing makes your dog happy!
  • If your dog is tense, this Pet Massager might help to loosen them up. With the help of soothing vibrations, the Pet Massager will provide deep relaxation in no time.

For The Sleepy Dog

  • This Casper Dog Bed is a pressure-relieving bed designed to create a perfect spot for your sleepy dog. It is supportive with durable foam, which helps with orthopedic support. This bed is especially ideal for dogs with joint problems. The covers are removable and machine washable!
  • If you’re looking for a calming blanket, look no further. This Best Friends by Sheri blanket reminisces a fur coat that gives your dog a feeling of safety and ease.

If you are looking for a safe place for your furbaby to enjoy the holidays and play with other dogs, learn more about Pets a Go Go’s doggie daycare options HERE.

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