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Latest NewsThe Top Five Ways to Ensure Your Pet is in Good Care While You Are on Vacation

June 30, 2022

Everyone looks forward to summer vacation, but now that the time to book trips is officially here, it can also be a time of stress and anxiety for pet owners. Recent studies have shown that 37% of dog owners won’t travel because they don’t want to leave their furbaby behind. The thought of leaving your furbaby behind can be upsetting and evoke feelings of guilt but having a pet doesn’t mean that you have to put your life on pause and not book trips.

Although many opt to research dog-friendly hotels and plan their trip around being able to bring their pup along, this is not always an option for some families. Furbabies with nervous personalities may become triggered by sudden changes in location and long car rides. International travel makes bringing a dog along even more difficult. In light of this, the team at Pets a Go Go shared their top tips for ensuring your pet is in good care while you are on vacation because you deserve a worry-free trip.

Have a care plan in place. Before booking a trip, make sure that the pet sitter of your choice is available for the time you will be away. Once this is established, invite this person over to your home before you leave to learn more about your dog’s daily routine, and to build trust between your furbaby and the pet sitter. Seeing a familiar face while you are away helps dogs adjust to not having you around. Write up a checklist for your pet sitter detailing meal plans, any medical restrictions, and the phone number to your vet in case of an emergency.

Invest in pet friendly technology. Just because you are out of the house doesn’t mean that you can’t communicate with your pet! There are now many options for indoor cameras that are designed with pet owners in mind. These cameras not only allow you to see what your pet is up to, but they also let you talk to your pet through a speaker and some even allow you to dispense treats through an app!

Update your dog’s tags and microchip. If you live in an apartment or home that is not fenced in there is the unfortunate chance that your pet could get loose, especially if your dog is only used to listening to your commands. It is important to make sure that your pup’s ID tags are displayed on their collar and that their microchip is up to date so when they are found good people know where your furbaby belongs.

“Puppy proof” your home. Like you made sure your home was safe for a teething puppy, you must do the same things for any dog that is being left alone for long periods of time or may experience stress from you leaving. Chewing is a result of separation anxiety, so it is important to keep anything dangerous out of reach of your pup to prevent putting their health at risk and to protect your belongings from getting damaged.

Consider boarding your dog. One of the surest ways to ensure that your dog is safe while you are away is to leave them with pet care professionals. This will allow for your dog to have constant attention from a loving staff and engagement from other playful dogs. Some boarding facilities will even regularly post photo updates on their social media so you can see how much fun your pup is having!

Being a furbaby parent is a fulltime job, and you deserve some time off. That is why it is important to have a well-thought-out care plan in place. Pets a Go Go cares for your furbabies like they are family. If you have a vacation planned for this summer, check out our overnight services, including 24-hour residential care filled with unlimited play in a cage-free environment.

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