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Latest NewsNational Take a Hike Day: How to Prepare to Take Your Dog into the Great Outdoors

November 10, 2022

November 17th is National Take a Hike Day, the perfect time to plan an outdoor getaway with your pup before the winter weather is upon us. Taking hikes greatly benefits the physical and mental health of both you and your furbaby, and we know how exciting it is to include your dog in your plans.

To make sure your outdoor adventure runs smoothly and is fun, you need to make sure everybody is ready for it, and by everybody, we mean your four-legged companion as well.

It’s true that every dog is different, but here are some tips the Pets a Go Go team thought were essential to keep in mind as you’re getting ready to explore the great outdoors with your furry friend:

  1. Be Realistic: just like we wouldn’t be able to run a marathon without proper training, the same goes for your dog, be aware of your dog’s athletic level, and don’t expect them to effortlessly join you on a 10-mile hike if they’re used to just a daily stroll around the neighborhood. Match the trail’s difficulty to your and your dog’s activity level to ensure everybody has a good time.
  2. Come Prepared: nature is a beautiful place for your dog to explore and have fun, but it also comes with threats like ticks, bugs, poisonous plants, and other animals. Make sure your dog is fully trained in basic commands like “stay,” “sit,” and “come” to be able to get them away from danger but also make sure to pack a first aid kit for them as you would for yourself.
  1. Bring Supplies: we know you want to only bring the essentials on your trip, but we have good news for you: dogs love to be helpful and have a job to do. Practice and get your dog used to carrying a small backpack on their back, so they’ll be able to carry their own supplies like doggy bags, water bowls, small treats, and even their leash (don’t forget to pick a non-retractable one to maintain control in case of danger).
  1. Take Breaks: your dog loves to be outside because it’s the perfect opportunity to sniff, explore and enjoy nature so take breaks often to let me roam around and get familiarized with the surroundings. These breaks are also helpful in offering your dog water and treats and letting them rest to avoid them getting over-exhausted.

We hope you get a chance to enjoy time outdoors on November 17th and every day while bonding with your dog and allowing them to explore more of what mother nature has to offer.

After your unforgettable day outside with your companion, you can visit us to give them the bath they need and to get their fur back to its original shine after running around in nature. You can learn more about Pets a Go Go’s spa services here.

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