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Latest NewsHow To Go Green for Earth Day With Your Pup

April 22, 2021
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With Earth Day right around the corner, people everywhere are looking for new and intuitive ways to celebrate the occasion and give back to our planet this year.  While there are many things we do daily to be mindful of our sustainability habits, there’s still room for so much growth on this subject, especially when looking at pet care.


Pets A Go Go is the FIRST and only pet care company in the tri-state area to go fully green. Their unique Sit Stay Play® facilities are comprised of and run utilizing all-natural materials. They also focus on tools and supplies that are GMO-free, US-sourced and made, paraben and chemical free, recycled and/or repurposed, organic and/or natural and biodegradable/compostable on and off-site. Their corporate vehicles are also low-emission, and they hire local residents to help reduce our overall carbon footprint wherever possible. Lastly, the team follows a strict carry-in/carry-out policy when utilizing local parks and stay on established trails to help preserve New York and Connecticut’s indigenous environments.


There are plenty of ways both you and your furry friend can celebrate the occasion alongside the Pets A Go Go team that you may not yet be aware of.  Check out a few of our favorite ways you can “go green” this year alongside us:

  • Biodegradable Products: Believe it or not, many pet products available out there has a healthier and more eco-friendly counterpart that can be swapped. Look for things like biodegradable poop bags instead of plastic ones, and check all toys, grooming products, and gear for non-toxic labels to avoid harsh chemicals bad for both your pup and the environment.


  • Donations: Ever heard of the phrase, waste not, want not? Well, this saying does in fact ring true for pet products just as it does for humans. So many of the materials we use for our pets can be reused by other pet owners everywhere. Before throwing anything out, be sure to ask yourself if there’s someone else that can use the materials you’re done with.


  • Healthy Habits: Begin to ask yourself what habits you can incorporate into both your pet’s life and your own that will help better the environment and future well-being of our planet. These habits include taking your pet only to visit “dog-friendly” trails to help preserve wildlife conservation areas, incorporating a “carry-in/carry out” policy wherever you visit, and lastly working locally with pet care providers to reduce the overall carbon footprint each of us is accumulating over our lifetime.


Pets a Go Go highly recommends that you explore these environmentally friendly tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your life moving forward. Together, we can join forces with our pets to make this world and your community a better place for living.

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